If you do that in public, those exact motions, you are a douche, that's objectively weird behavior. It's actually even weirder in this situation because it's one thing for the Laker Bros. who are, I assume, lifelong fans of a team like we all are with our teams of choice, and something else here where, even if maybe… » 7/07/13 3:18pm 7/07/13 3:18pm

I USED to be on board with the ASG hating but with WS home field advantage on the line all of the "meaningless" stuff just doesn't do it for me anymore. Now, I totally agree that doesn't mean I need to watch it or care about it because the result of it simply will be what it will be but if you care about the MLB… » 7/07/13 1:57pm 7/07/13 1:57pm